• Micro Fuels has 13 use and Utility Patents on our extraction beyond the normal CO2 Extraction Process
  • Trademarked Nanotech™ shell delivery method encapsulates the 10nm-20nm Molecule, normal CBD is 600nm to protect the molecule from stomach acid degradation and heat (during the cooking, baking, brewing, vaping process) 
  • “Regular” CBD gets around 8% of active ingredient into your bloodstream and takes up to 2 hours to be absorbed only remaining in the bloodstream for 12 hours. Micro Fuels is in your bloodstream within 30m or less, shown to be absorbed in some patients within 7min, with COMPLETE Bioavailability, remaining in your bloodstream for up to 24 hours. Twice as long as “regular” CBD.
  • Micro Fuels CBD is 100% Water Soluble. Meaning you can add to food drink without degrading the active ingredient during the digestive process. Actually accelerating the absorption process through the stomach lining and top of the small intestine. Regular CBD is degraded in the stomach which is why you only receive around 8%.
  • Micro Fuels CBD is fully absorbed through all 7 layers of the skin and delivered via our custom blend of proprietary all natural oils.
  • Regular CBD molecules are completely destroyed at 180 degrees, vaping, baking, coffee, etc all occur above 185 degrees which means the brands providing those products are actively providing products they know literally do not work and the user experiences ZERO CBD benefit, that’s a fact.
  • Micro Fuels cbd and hemp products, because of the protective patented nano shell, are protected up to 212 degrees, making them effective in vaping, baking, coffee products, etc.
  • In higher doses Normal CBD will convert into THC after consumption inside the body. Because you only need 1/15th of the normal amount for the same dose you do not run the risk of failing a drug test or and of the negative side effects of THC. 

Peppermint Flavored Full Spectrum Hemp CBD 1oz/30ml